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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 13, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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minneapolis, minnesota. chris kelley, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> harris: it was a joy to co-host the salute to excellence awards with my friend and mentor byron pitts over the weekend. great journalism going on. thanks for watching. >> dana: fox news alert. violence in hong kong as anti-government protests cripple one of the world's busiest airports again. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." riot police armed with batons clashing with protesters and bringing flights to a full halt for a second day. all this raising concerns that china could intervene in the growing crisis. president trump spoke about the unrest earlier today. >> we'll see what happens. i'm sure it will work out. i hope it works out for everybody, including china, by the way. i hope it works out for everybody. i hope it works out for liberty. i hope it works out for
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everybody, including china. i hope it works out peacefully. hope nobody gets hurt. i hope nobody gets killed. >> dana: senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has more. >> reporter: we have been tracking this for several hours now. it is 2 a.m. in hong kong as we speak. the international airport seems to be calm. the protesters have left. security has left. it was anything but that earlier in the day. second day in a row protesters stage a sit in, virtually shutting down one of the world's busiest airports, blocking check-in, security areas. after some 200 flights were blocked yesterday, over 100 were affected today. but the real trouble broke out when angry protesters turned on at least one, maybe two people they thought were working with the chinese. that triggered the riot police. they came in fully armed, banging into the crowd, and the crowd fought back. several people were injured on either side. some activists were taken away.
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it was a nasty scene, unprecedented, according to the locals. the beijing hong kong chief executive said there was a dangerous situation developing. that more violence could push hong kong down a path of no return. critically, though, she had no concession to pro democracy activists. looks like it could be headed that way anyway in about 48 hours or so. we've been seeing chinese state media showing armored vehicles staging in mainland chinese areas outside of the hong kong territory. president trump even tweeting today that u.s. intelligence says that the chinese government is moving troops towards the border. the foreign ministry of china getting into the act, too, dana, today saying the u.s. basically should butt out, that politicians, have disregarded facts, turned violent crimes into a fight for human rights. the airport is set to reopen in about four hours time.
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no bets on what's gonna happen on yet another day there. back to you. >> dana: thank you. shocking scenes are playing out amid violence at hong kong international, as greg was just saying. in this video, protesters detain a man they accuse of being an under cover agent, tying up his hands and feet, before he was rescued by hong kong officials. guy benson, host of the guy benson show. you were there, happened to be there in hong kong when these protests started. what do you think they want? >> well, what they wanted and what their goals are have morphed since we were there, which was in the early days of the protest, in june, when they just wanted this extradition bill, that would allow people accused of a crime in hong kong torque be extradited to mainland china. that to the surprise, by the way, of some of the protesters we interviewed early in the movement, ended up being tabled.
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many said they just wanted to get the word out but didn't expect the government to actually act on it. there was action and they got at least a short term win. but that didn't end things. now they want that extradition bill not only to be tabled, but thrown out completely. but they're talking about much wider issues. issues of freedom and democracy and the way that this semiautonomous region is governed. >> dana: there's a lot of pentup frustration that's happening there in hong kong. nikki haley, former u.n. ambassador tweeting this. threats of china are on full display as the people of hong kong are fighting for their freedom. this is a level of control china wants to have not only over its people but around the world as they're fighting for freedom. what, if anything, should the united states be saying? >> saying things like we heard from nikki haley. i prefer that to the weakness we heard from the president earlier on this, saying he hopes it works out for everyone involved. i lived in hong kong for seven
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years as a kid. i grew up there. my brother was born there. i was just back there in 2017 and i spoke with a lot of people in hong kong society who, at the time, were telling me they were very concerned looking forward about any potential encroachment by beijing to sort of impose that communist government on china. it's supposed to be a different government, different economic system in hong kong. that's part of the deal in the british takeover. >> dana: supposed to be 50 years. we're 30 years since that point. i think people living in hong kong are looking at china saying, we know where you're headed with this. they love freedom there. what's interesting is that they're not protesting for economic reasons. >> right. they're protesting because they want to have a more democratic society. to guy's point, they think things have changed since the 1997 handover from the british. even if they're not directly protesting for economic reasons themselves, there are economic ramification of this process.
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hong kong is so important to the global economy. >> dana: especially, you're closing the airport. how much traffic and business goes through that point? >> that was a key change in the way these protests are being conducted. to go back to your earlier point. when we were there, the protests near the legislature downtown were disruptive certainly, but it was akin to a big city like new york if there was some sort of protest or disturbance in lower manhattan and we're here in midtown manhattan and we went out to lunch and didn't necessarily notice it. we were able to go on to our business. but when you go to the airport, international business people are coming and going, or trying to. they have not been able to over the last couple of days. then you have the world's attention. the protesters certainly have the world's attention. hong kong is very important. china operating the way it does, and mainland china. when you have this semiautonomous region that has so much economic freedom, lot of global business can be done
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through there. there's a lot of businesses that will be impacted by that. >> one thing that's also interesting, we've seen the union jack flying among the protests. people calling back to the days of britain's control, when hong kong for 100 years was a british colony. also american flags being waved by these protesters. you heard the star spangled banner being sung in imperfect english in the streets of hong kong. to me that's a very stirring image. you can see one right there. that's a very stirring image. we have our problems in this country. we're at each other's throats far too often. around the globe, when there are people literally fighting to maintain their freedom, they are looking to us as a beacon. that's pretty cool. >> dana: one of the things president trump tweeted earlier is that many are blaming me and the united states for the problems going on in hong kong. i can't imagine why. seems like he does get blamed for everything. presidents of the united states always get blamed for everything. but the chinese did say they would come back to the trade talks today. >> that's why you see with the
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delay, also. that's by the trade reps office of the tariffs that are going to be in place. stock market up as much as it is today. so the president, and guy already brought this up. there's criticism of this. president's trying to thread this needle. >> dana: could it also be that the president -- that hong kong is perhaps keeping at bay the chinese military and chinese forces from doing anything more to the protesters because they know that the president's watching. >> when he says he doesn't want to see blood shed or anyone killed, of course that's a responsible thing for him to say. i just remember when president obama really was not full thrown in his support of the green revolution in iran. lot of people said, hey, this is the role of an american president, to use that bull by pulpit and speak out for freedom. obama had designs with iran when it comes to his legacy. i understand the real politics going on. how president trump doesn't want
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to disrupt his own discussions with the chinese on the trade front. that's completely fair. >> dana: we heard on the ground that the chinese are apparently saying that the united states is there on the ground, spreading disinformation about the protesters. >> yeah. no reason to believe that that's true, by any means. but the american flag is flying among the protesters give the opportunity to spread that type of propaganda. they're trying to take advantage of this. the next move is what we need to watch. what does china do? to the president's earlier tweet, staging military operations a short drive across the boarder from mainland china into hong kong. what's the move from china? there's always move by this president to see what his next move is. >> dana: i think the president's tweet about knowing about the military along that border was a little bit of a warning shot to them. warning tweet. >> and also, communists blaming america?
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go figure. >> dana: we've had that before. all right. connel mcshane and guy benson thanks for being here. bernie sanders taking a page out of some president's book accusing the washington post of bias. plus getting physical with the media on the campaign trail. joe biden accused of blundering his way through his campaign stop, delivering one slipup after another. ari fleisher is up with a closer look at the 2020 contest. wow!
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i talk about that all the time. then i wonder why "the washington post" which is owned there. >> dana: bernie sanders accusing the washington post of bias. the paper saying sanders did not cite any evidence for his claims. post executive editor said in a statement that besos does not interfere with or influence the newspaper's coverage. former white house press secretary ari fleisher is a fox news contributor. we've heard complaints about "the washington post" before. what is gained by sanders by making these claims? >> well, he's fascinating. he's following president trump's talk about the washington post. bernie has always thought corporate ownership of things was bad and led to nefarious activities. i think this is more part of it
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but it's got the politicians piqued. >> dana: bernie sanders, who claimed the system was rigged against him. the dnc even changed their rules for him. he is not doing as well in 2020 as he did in 2016. he's frustrated i think that we have the statistics on the social media articles about the 2020 candidates last week. biden way up there at 3.8 million. then beto o'rourke. that might have something to do with el paso shooting. bernie at 1.7 million. he has a strong following. what's interesting about him, i think this kind of grievance against a corporation, it tends to give his supporters kind of more tuned up. >> listen, bernie sanders is the outsi outsider candidate. they talked on trade issues and how trade was bad for working class people. just let it rip against people you don't like. sanders brings that anti-corporate socialist mood to his complaints. so this is so much of it.
11:17 am
but i think the biggest question is, is bernie's second act going to work or is he just a protest hillary candidate from four years ago? >> dana: i just wonder if he's that much of an out sider this time. >> the way the democrats have taken bernie's socialistic ideas and run with them and made them mainstream is frightening. but it's not translating yet to bernie. i still think it's very early. i think biden is week and will collapse ultimately. that's the question, who can pick up after biden's gone? >> dana: who will be ready? >> bernie still has a following. >> dana: i did want to ask you about biden. eve the media is picking up that he's had slipups on the campaign trail. he has some defense. congressman telling the new york times letting joe be joe is the way to go. nothing is going to impress people. getting joe biden to meet people is the best thing for the biden
11:18 am
campaign. nobody in that room less concerned about his ability to beat donald trump. his deputy campaign manager tells the times joe biden has spoken his mind his entire life, which voters know and love about him. he's a real person, he's authentic and that will never change. his poll numbers remain pretty steady. you said you think he will not be the nominee. but is that a risk that these other candidates can afford to take because if they just let him be out there and they don't start attacking him more forcefully even on this issue, could they end up being him with the nomination? >> it's a possibility but i don't think it's going to happen. i totally agree with that advice to joe biden. i want joe biden to be joe because joe will collapse. joe is just not that strong. joe is a gaff machine. he's been wrong on historical positions. he's the front runner simply because he's the front runner. when that veil is pierced, he's gonna plunge. i still think he is set up
11:19 am
wrong. he is barack obama's vice president and that's the most important thing he's got going for him going into this primary. but those other candidates are going to surpass him. he's yesterday's senator and has the feel of yesterday's senator. that's why these gaffs are hurting him because it's raising legitimate questions about his age, does he still have it? is he just off his game? when you do it once, you do it twice. everybody makes mistakes. when you do it repeatedly and it becomes a pattern, people notice. >> dana: the media picked up on it. even the headlines. whoa, wait, what's going on? almost that the media wants other candidates to get more attention. have you noticed that? >> well, i think the presidents always want a good fight. they loved hillary and obama going into the summer of 2008 when president obama, then candidate obama, beat hillary. the press loves to keep the story alive. so that is a factor that hurts joe.
11:20 am
they want more candidates to potentially pass him. >> dana: i like a good fight, too. nice clean fight, of course, on my end. >> that's what campaigns should be about. to credit bernie, he's made this about ideas. and those ideas have captured the democratic party, which will hurt them in the general election, but this should be about ideas. there's a level roff personal y personality. are you strong r capable, able? that's what joe biden is being tested on now. but this messy process we have, dana, it works. it's played out on tv so we can see what the candidates are like. >> dana: they're telling me i gotta go, but i could talk to you all day. talk to you soon. socialist proposals from the likes of 2020 candidates, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kamala harris drawing scrutiny. plus the investigation into the death of jeffrey epstein focusing on an island in the caribbean and security lapses at
11:21 am
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>> dana: multiple investigations now under way into the death of jeffrey epstein as we learn now details about the mysterious circumstances around his apparent suicide in a new york city jail. the new york post reporting epstein hanged himself with a bed sheet and was left unattended for hours. here former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> i do not understand how anyone could explain not having him under 24-hour surveillance, or not checking the camera constantly. the camera wasn't working. there's a camera in every part of a prison. every single telephone call in and out of a prison is listened to. >> dana: joining me now is associate editor for reason and emily compagno, fox news contributor and an attorney. both of you know more than i do about the prison system in general. it is a week where we are trying to beat back thoughts in our own
11:26 am
heads about conspiracies because facts would say this is what they're saying happened. he tied himself up with a bed sheet and that's how he suffocated. is that the most likely explanation? >> there is, despite there being a lot to fan the flames of conspiracy. epstein is a very weird and was involved in very weird things. the criminal justice system is dysfunctional. giuliani saying cameras everywhere, people listening to phone calls. sometimes is cameras are broken. sometimes they don't have adequate funding. sometimes people in these jobs, these positions, aren't doing a good job. sometimes they are, but sometimes they're not. it's not at all unheard of for neglect to result in someone dying, especially when they wanted to take their own life, which seems likely in this case. >> dana: i just wanted to bring in this information about the woman who was supposedly his girlfriend and other possibly his madam. on the weekend in the 1990,
11:27 am
maxwell would have her roller blades fedexed to his island in the caribbean and said she got her helicopter's license so she could transport anyone she liked without pilots knowing who they were. maxwell also said the island had been completely wired for video. the friends thought she and epstein were videotaping everyone on the island as an insurance policy as blackmail. that just in from vanity fair. >> i think that is just the tip of the iceberg for the volume of evidence we likely and might see, right? we heard of this. she certainly is not safe. there are allegations of co-conspiracy, but also that she's a sexual abuser herself. i think what viewers need to understand is that going forward, we will probably learn a lot more. as barr said the other day, they're not stopping with epstein. a lot more were involved for the sheer span that it did. >> dana: one of the things that
11:28 am
happened yesterday also was that james stewart did an interview with epstein and then wrote about it in the "new york times." when i contacted mr. epstein, he readily agreed to an interview. the caveat was the conversation would be an background which meant i could use the information as long as i didn't attribute it directly to him. i consider that condition to have lapsed with his death. so you're at a magazine. i used to be press secretary. had a lot of officials speaking on background. i never would have thought that that meant that when that person died, that anything they had said on background while they were living was then fair game. what do you think? >> i consider that to be journalist malpractice. some journalists keep to that standard. i don't think he should have revealed that. the only circumstance i would see justifying a source is if they lied to you. other than that, no. while epstein is not a sympathetic figure, we want to learn more about him, i don't think james stewart should have
11:29 am
jumped at this. >> dana: do you have a thought on this, emily? >> yes, do i. we saw that with steve jobs treatment had come to light. the source of that information, a man york, he died. at the time it raised a lot of questions about that. i think especially legally, it's not quite cut and dry, although you have sound ethics. but i want to point out the larger consideration in a lot of these ethics costs and balances is what purpose does it serve, that confidentiality. and here what purpose would it serve to protect that information if likely there are dozens of under age victims. >> dana: emily, can i stop you there? there's a brand new statement from the justice department. i haven't read it. today a temporary warden in new york to the bureau's northeast regional office pending the outcome of the fbi and oig investigations into the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein. warden james petrucci has been
11:30 am
named acting warden of the ncc new york. bureau of prisons placed on administrative leave two staff assigned to mr. epstein's unit pending the outcome of the investigation. additional action may be taken as the circumstances warrant. seems like this is part of the investigation, proper procedure? >> yes. couple points for viewers. the standard, if there was to be a suit against these representatives of the state, the warden, that's deliberate indifference. that's much higher than negligence. secondly, we have the iog and fbi investigating. if something comes to light that the system failed, there will be corrections of administrative measures that take place. there's no type of criminal pen nance that comes into play after that. >> dana: there's also a statement from a new york times columnist. he says, by all means resist tendency toward unfounded skepticism. also recognize that in the case of jeffrey epstein and his circle, the conspiracy was real.
11:31 am
i think that is what is so interesting. you might read this in a novel. you might see this in a movie. but this is happening in real-time. >> it was a good call. it sounds like the plot of a ridiculous season of "24" or something. you had this famous man, engaged in horrible crimes. >> dana: with a caribbean island. we have maxwell saying she would fedex her roller blades to the island. maybe they wouldn't fit on the helicopter. >> then gets out of prison the first time. he was barely there. >> dana: in 2008. enjoyed having you. obviously, there's more to talk about. we'll keep in touch with you. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. i want to make sure your healthcare is the way you like it. i'll promise you that. i won't mess with the healthcare that you have. >> dana: leave our healthcare alone. kamala harris in a bit of a confrontation on the campaign
11:32 am
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>> dana: violence erupted today in hong kong, where crowds of protesters swarmed the city's airport and shutting it down for a second day. the protesters demanding democracy. we have the latest. >> reporter: dana, the protesters started out singing. there was a violin. it quickly turned worse, ending the day in pepper spray. you had balances take away some injured protesters. some protesters turning on themselves, because they believed some of them were under cover police officers. this is escalating. just within the last 48 hours, it's very important to note, chinese state media is reporting that china now says hong kong is showing the first signs of terrorism. the reason i say that's important is terrorism. the chief executive of hong kong will be allowed to subdue these protesters if they are deemed
11:37 am
terrorist, which they haven't been just yet. you are seeing the airport over there, some chaos. it's past 2:30 a.m. over there. what we know thus far, hundreds of flights have been delayed. travellers cannot get to the check-in point. british air ways is refunding, offering a full refund. virgin is rebooking, allowing people to rebook later this month. the chaos continues. since we're talking about china, i want to pivot. there's a big story affecting markets at the moment. that's the president saying he's going to delay the 10% tariff on goods ranging from lap tops to toys and clothes. these tariffs potentially, and this is an estimate from the new york fed, $830 per u.s. house hold. right now markets are rallying. you are seeing the dow up over 400 points. the reason being, the president said he will delay a lot of these 10% tariffs until december 15th. specifically apple stock climb higher, almost 5% higher today.
11:38 am
almost 5% above $209. apple said in the past they are highly interconnected their supply chain in china and tariffs could damage their supply chain and cause their goods to increase. lot of u.s. corporations do not want to see additional tariffs. that's why we are seeing the markets rally today. >> dana: thank you. now let's bring in our panel. mark gorman and david burstein a democratic strategist. wanted to talk to you a little bit about, not necessarily hong kong because i think we've covered that plenty. we'll bring you more if we have it. i did want to get to this. we played sound for you. i have more. kamala harris, in iowa. she just can't seem to get the healthcare story straight.
11:39 am
watch. >> okay. >> our healthcare is just fine. >> i want to make sure your healthcare is the way you like it. i'll promise you that. i won't mess with the healthcare you have. >> dana: those are hard promises to make, matt, when you're talking medicare for all. i don't exactly know where she has landed because her position has changed a couple times. >> sounds like, you like your plan, you can keep it. this woman has reason to be concerned. medicare for all is really medicare for none. seniors put in the same pool as us so we have to wait in line for longer wait. pay more in taxes. less quality of care. the people in the group that were opposed to medicare for all by the most margin were seniors. >> dana: because they're worried it will change their healthcare, which is what the woman was saying to kamala harris. >> seniors are reliable voters unlike some other groups who stand the most to benefit from medicare for all. the problem with harris, when you get down to the level of
11:40 am
making individual promises to voters we meet in iowa is where things start to go off the rails. it under scores one of my big challenges with kamala. she doesn't seem to have a lot of conviction. voters can smell that from a mile away. less terms we can debate whether medicare is for all or not, do people believe somebody is gonna stand up for what she believes in? >> dana: is that partly her trying to give herself some wiggle room and not get pinned down? >> absolutely. you've seen this now, if this issue is going to solve throughout the whole campaign. we know where bernie sanders stands. that's a point of pride for both of them. some people don't like it, but at least they have conviction about it. voters care a lot about that. i think this hurts her when democrats are looking at this saying she just can't seem to land somewhere and have conviction. that's important. >> dana: i wanted to get one other topic in there. i know you love this. this is the headline in "the washington post." this is about president trump
11:41 am
and how he has a strategy of divisiveness as far as the washington post. everything we hold dear, trump trumps up divisive wars. you pointed out plastic straws. that doesn't really matter. just straws. but do you think it's a bigger message? you're trying to change everything in our way of life for things that won't necessarily have the impacts that they say. >> talking about plastic straws are missing the forest through the trees. it's about political correctness, about tone. they're trying to create an us versus them mentality. every successful politician, incumbent politician has done that. president bush did it with terrorism, president obama did it in social issues in 2012. president trump is very successful in 2016. he believes very much the same things as the other candidates. but where he defines himself is on tone. >> dana: one of the biggest applause lines he got is when he
11:42 am
thinks the biggest problem in the country is political correctness has gone too far. >> right. i agree. i have a different view on how it's gone too far than they do, right? i think the challenge on these issues is, president trump should be looking for ways to unite people every day. and instead, he's focused on political strategy that's focused on being divisive. it works for the base. that is to his political advantage. i wish he were thinking about something more than that. >> dana: say the president all of a sudden woke up one day and said, we'll try that. are the democrats in any mood to meet him? >> absolutely not. look at the democratic debate. this is about winning re-election. it wasn't like obama sunshine and rainbows to myth romney. i remember ads accusing him of having cancer. >> dana: paul ryan pushing old women off a cliff. >> let's not be -- >> dana: it is politics after all. >> why do you want to get there if you don't want to try and bring people together?
11:43 am
>> dana: like what would a second term look like? we'll be talking about that in the next few weeks. thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: terrifying scene on the streets of sydney, australia, where police say a man yelling went on a stabbing spree before some brave bystanders took him down. benjamin hall is following this for us. >> reporter: dana, in fact, very lucky this didn't escalate any farther. it was the actions of three men, tourist, that it ended quickly. this man was shouting allah. they didn't know if he had a suicide vest on, yet they charged at him, pinned him to the ground and held him until police arrived. the attacker had been running around carrying a 12 inch butchers knife attempting to stab as many people as he could australia's largest city around 2 p.m. in the afternoon. a 41-year-old woman was stabbed in her back, she's in critical condition. sadly, the body of a 21-year-old woman was later discovered in a nearby fourth floor apartment.
11:44 am
apparently he had killed her before running into the streets continuing his attack. video show people pinning this man to the pavement, putting a plastic milk crate over his head and two chairs over his body. a witness told reporters the man was screaming comments about religion before yelling to police that he wanted to be shot. police saying he acted alone. he was known to them. they are not labeling this an act of terrorism. although the 21-year-old has never been guilty of terrorism acts before, he has searched mass killings both in the u.s. and australia. >> dana: benjamin hall, thank you. shark sightings and the iowa state fair, next. ♪ ♪
11:45 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> potential for big knew in the next hour. we are at this moment waiting
11:49 am
for an update out of dayton, ohio. police and city officials vet to speak top of the hour about the latest on the investigation into last weekend's mass shooting in dayton. yesterday, the feds announced charges against a friend of the killer. today, new information is promised. that and the rest of the day's happenings as fox news rolls on in ten minutes. >> dana: close call for one family after a great white shark went right past their boat while fishing off the coast of cape cod. the family calling it the thrill of a lifetime. meanwhile, several area beaches were closed after a boston harbor cruise ship had a similar close encounter with a great white. two of 180 in the area this summer. in the pacific, a teen in hawaii had his own close call with a shark. watc watch. >> it was bigger than my head. i didn't really recognize how big the shark was until right
11:50 am
now. >> dana: 16-year-old said he was waiting for a wave when a shark took a bite from his surf board, missing his feet by about an inch. too close for me. 2020 democrats clamorring for the spotlight at the iowa state fair. many candidates are still looking to make a strong first impression with voters. peter ducey is there. you've been there, peter. what have you seen so far? >> reporter: dana, right now what we are observing on the stage behind me, where you can see mayor pete in a white shirt over a sea of a couple thousand potential caucus goers as we move because there's a paramedic coming through. lot of action here. he's polling the audience about what he should go and eat. this is, of course, one of the most important things for the candidates who come to the fair. sounds like he's trying to do an applause for a pork chop versus a turkey leg. i did have a chance to ask mayor pete from his walk from the car
11:51 am
to the stage, do you have to practice grilling? there are going to be 100 cameras in his face. looks like a light bulb went off. he said no, but probably should have. i will have our photographer show you. the way this works, anybody that wants to see mayor pete kind of just comes and hangs out here in the corner. but there's so much other stuff going on that the candidates, no matter who it has been, are sort of overlooked by most of the people here because they have to make a stop for ice cream or curds or a corn dog. lot of activity here at the fair. we do expect to see a parting of the crowd here and mayor pete over on the grill in just a few seconds. we are gonna try to ask him a couple questions. >> dana: i love a state fair. i think it is some of the most fun ever. i saw garth brooks for free in 1992. i'm dating myself. i'm curious, have you tried to win me one of those animals yet?
11:52 am
>> reporter: i think i might just be better off buying you an animal. you have to be good at something to win. >> dana: no need to do that. i'll play you at skee ball at some point. six months is going to go by pretty quickly. do the candidates feel like they're making any inroads in iowa? >> reporter: it's interesting, dana, because the candidate -- i asked pete buttigieg on his way over here, how do you ever try to pitch a serious policy like this one that he's rolling out about improving rural economies, just in the time that it takes to take a selfie with somebody. he said, you really can't, you just have to hope who ever you take the selfie with goes home and when they see it pop up on tv again, they will research you a little bit more. again, we will try to walk with the crowd, because there is a mayor from south bend who wants to be president somewhere in there. dana? >> dana: last thing for you. who do you think has the best organization in the state? organization meaning the people that are there, trying to get the voters to the polls on their
11:53 am
behalf. i have heard it's elizabeth warren. do you agree with that? >> reporter: it's so early. senator warren does have a very noticeable presence here. so does bernie sanders. so does cory booker and so does kamala harris. then, of course, joe biden is so famous that he does not necessarily have to have organizers everywhere, but he does at a lot of these events. >> dana: don't forget maryanne williamson moved to iowa just a few months ago. >> reporter: she did. one of our producers the other day asked her if she ever still talks to oprah, who she used to be against all the time on her show. she wouldn't tell us what she talks to oprah about. >> dana: that's a good friend. that's loyalty. all right. thank you. have a good time out there. so, if your dog enjoys going for a swim -- and i know mine does -- you won't want to miss this. why some healthy dogs are dying after they go for a quick dip in the pond. my mom washes the dishes...
11:54 am
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>> dana: dog owners particularly in the south are being warned to keep their pets away from ponds and lakes due to toxic algae. several cases of dogs dying after going for a swim. steve harrigan has more from atlanta. steve, this has a lot of people's attention. >> it certainly does. not just in the south, dana, but now across the country. it's cold toxic blue green algae. it has killed a number of dogs in a number of states. it poses a real threat to humans as well. a woman in north carolina just lost three of her dogs. she took them out for a swim in a pond trying to cool them off on a hot summer's day in wilmington. here's what she had to say. >> i plan to contact whoever we need to contact to have signs up to make sure it's toxic. nobody knows. kids could get in it and be
11:59 am
poison to them as well. >> she said people need to be warned about this problem. dogs are particularly susceptible to this toxic algae. that often drink the water inside ponds or lick themselves after they have been in the pond. martin's three dogs began to have seizures within a half hour. she rushed them to the vet. all three dead by midnight. in georgia, lake allatoona, another dog died. it's something that happens commonly in the summer along the gulf coast. but this year it spread far and wide in states like new jersey and rhode island. >> we're seeing these events occur more frequently because we see more nutrient pollution. >> three more dogs died in austin, texas after swimming in a pond there with algae. officials have closed the pond and posted warning signs.
12:00 pm
>> dana: everybody be careful. you want your dogs out there when it's hot, but this is good information to have. thanks, steve. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us. see you on "the five" in a couple hours. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: the moment is near. investigators are about to tell us more about the deadly mass shooting outside a bar there. the killer gunned down anybody people including his own sister before the cops took him down. yesterday after a briefing like the one a which you're looking now, the feds announced charges against a friend of the shooter. today we have no hints of any kind as to the details of the announcement we're about to get. so we wait. likely not for long. first, violence erupting in one of the world's busiest airports as protesters and riot's police face off in hong kong. as a pro beijing official says, demonstrators have taken the event into a path of no return.


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